Moores Contemporary Art Gallery

7-22 April 2018

'These paintings make me think of the experience of remembering, looking back on times of hope in melancholic hindsight. The image dissolves in places and only the most important details are accurately described. They evoke feelings of nostalgia, they mark the start of a story being told to us years later, the author knows how it ends and the un- memorable details have been washed away with time'- Shannon McCulloch

The collection of bridal images arouses broader thought of the changing nature of marriage and relationships,family and family histories.

Depicted through a personal perspective Jaceglav evokes a sense of time and history through the rendering of 4 generations of family brides. The softness of each pose portrayed through a limited palette of layered muted hues suggests contemplation and vulnerability from each young bride. Ethereal figures emerge and recede, arousing notions of time and memory through the visible traces, mark making and the use of free- flowing paint.

The scale and heightened positioning of the images ensures the viewer must look up to view each bride, advocating an honouring of each women selected.- Dr Alana McVeigh

COPYRIGHT © 2017  Tanya Jaceglav